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DIY Keyboards

I know that as a computer scientist there is a high likelihood I will spend a large portion of my career sat in front of a keyboard. Keyboards are not a natural thing for the human body to operate and as such, if used incorrectly (and sometimes even if used correctly) they induce a form of repetitive strain injury. From what I hear, this is agonising pain which - frankly - doesn't sound very pleasant. I liked the idea of building a custom keyboard anyway but I though that I'd try and build ergonomic keyboards to try and reduce the probability of my getting RSI. So far, I have built two keyboards. Both keyboards have blank keycaps because I learned how to touch type (which is a very important part of preventing keyboard-related RSI) and it gives them a super clean look.

TODO: add keymaps

Both of my two DIY keyboards together

Hand-wired Planck

Hand-wired key matrix on my planck

CRKBD/Corne/Helidox (by Foostan)

Unplugged CRKBD surrounded by colour-matching items